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KDE Debugging / Synergy Plasmoid

March 2, 2012

I’m setting up a new laptop and trying out Kubuntu 11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot). KDE 4 has a nice widget for easily turning Synergy on and off. I was able to get the widget by going through the Add Widgets menu and clicking on Get New Widgets, then Download New Plasma Widgets. There I searched for synergy and it was the first result. I installed it with no issues. However, when I went to add it to my desktop I got the following error.

Could not create a ruby-script scriptengine for the Synergy widget

I figured this was a dependency issue and did some searching for the packages I would need. Then I installed these.

$ sudo apt-get install ruby-kde4 ruby-plasma korundum4 ruby plasma-scriptengine-ruby

This automatically installed a lot of other packages too. I removed the widget and added it again, but now I got a different error.

Script initialization failed.

Starting to dig a little deeper I found out about a useful tool kdebugdialog that allows enabling debugging on different levels of KDE components. However, I also found that I could launch the plasmoid from a shell and see the debug output directly.

$ plasmoidviewer /home/user/.kde/share/apps/plasma/plasmoids/synergy

This started the plasmoid and I saw an error in the logs

in ‘const missing’: uninitialized constant KDE::UrlRequester (NameError)

I tried some other packages but was unable to avoid the error. I finally found the official page for the Synergy plasmoid and saw that it appears to be broken as of KDE 4.5.

So no solution, but maybe the troubleshooting steps will be helpful elsewhere.


Synergy on OpenSuse 11.0

September 29, 2008

I am a fan of Ubuntu linux.  Unfortunately at work my new computer has OpenSuse 11.0.  Apparently Ubuntu wouldn’t install properly.  Well Suse is a close second to Ubuntu.  The only frustration is there are much less packages available through Yast than through Apt.

Synergy is a great application for accessing multiple computers from just one Keyboard/mouse.  It’s pretty much essential when using more than one box constantly.  Much quicker than a KVM switch, you can have both screens up at the same time, and you can copy text across computers via the clipboard.

On Ubuntu I would just apt-get install synergy; it was a little more complicated to install on OpenSuse.  Here’s the process I went through:

  1. I first tried the RPM binary release, but install failed with unmet dependencies, so rather than sifting through dependency issues I decided to compile the source.
  2. To get ./configure to run properly I had to make sure I had the xorg-x11-devel and gcc-g++ packages installed.
  3. Compiling failed at first and after some googling found I needed to apply this patch to allow compiling with gcc-4.3
  4. Compile and Install success!

Now I am happily running 3 computers (WinXP, OpenSuse, Kubuntu) from 1 set of keyboard/mouse.