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Launchy… for Linux

January 16, 2009

A tool that I have fallen in love with on Windows is Launchy. It allows me to quickly start programs without switching to the mouse and hunting for the icon. Well, Launchy was ported to QT4 and now runs on Linux! Yes! There is a debian package available but at work I have OpenSuse 11 so I needed to compile it from source.  It was really straight-forward. Here’s the steps I took to compile Launcy 2.1.2.

1. Download source and extract.

2. Make sure the following Suse packages are installed:

  • libqt4-devel
  • boost-devel
  • gcc-c++
  • make

3. Applied this patch.

4. make

5. sudo make install

Then just start launchy in the background and configure as you like!


Gmail Notifier

November 25, 2008

I use Gmail.  I love Gmail. It allowed me to actually appreciate webmail.  Unlike some others *cough* Shaw *cough*.  There is the security concern when using webmail, but Gmail does offer https access so it uses ssl to protect the content. It was always an issue to make sure the https was being used, especially when coming from a link to Gmail.

Well Gmail has now offered a new feature.  In Settings under the General tab you can set Browser Connection to ‘always use https’.  Hooray!  However, Gmail Notifier (taskbar app that lets you know if there are new messages in your inbox) was no longer able to connect. I got the error: “An error has occured. Cannot connect to your mailbox. Service temporarily unavailable.”

Since Gmail had recently changed I didn’t put the two together, but it turned out that it was the https access that was breaking notifier.  Google has a patch to fix this issue.  Baiscally it updates a windows registry setting to use https for connection instead of http.