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Thunderbird 31 on Linux

December 8, 2014

I had not upgraded thunderbird in a long time. But recently Google deprecated their V1 Calendar API so the version of Calendar Provider for Google 0.25 no longer worked.

After a previous announcement, Google has shut down the v1 API today (November 17th) that version 0.32 and 0.25 has been using. This means those versions will no longer work and you MUST upgrade to 1.0.x to continue using the Provider for Google Calendar.

So I took the plunge and upgraded from Thunderbird 17 to Thunderbird 31.3. After rebooting it detected that Lightning was out of date and automatically updated it. But when Thunderbird finally started up I got pop-up errors like this:

An error was encountered preparing the calendar located at https://auto

Turns out this was an issue with the version of Exchange Provider I was using. So I uninstalled Exchange Provider and Provider for Google Calendar and installed the latest. Provider for Google Calendar was version 1.0.2.
The Exchange Provider was no longer available but the latest version is known as Exchange EWS Provider 3.3.0 and is available here. The new version works much slicker. Auto-detect had no issue getting my Exchange Calendar.
I ran into one more issue trying to set up my Google Calendar. The wizard was not working the way it was documented. I found out the issue was again Exchange. So I disabled Exchange EWS Provider, restarted, added my Google Calendar, enabled Exchange EWS, restarted and all my Calendars were back.


Thunderbird Linux date format

July 17, 2013

Thunderbird on Linux was displaying the date for emails using only 2 digits for the year. My preference is the ISO 8601 format so I investigated how to make the change. This knowledgebase article explained how the formatting is chosen. However it appears that thunderbird wasn’t using my system format. I followed the process on this post to specify my locale for thunderbird. I change the locale value to en_DK.UTF-8 to get ISO 8601 format.

Recommended Thunderbird plugins

November 28, 2012

I’ve found the following plugins useful for Thunderbird on Kubuntu 12.04.

Enigmail – OpenPGP support.
Exchange 2007/2010 Calendar and tasks Provider – Allows me to sync Lightning with our office Exchange server.
FireTray – This is the best plugin to have persistent notification of new email in Thunderbird.
Google Calendar Tab – I’ve found this works a little better than trying to sync my Google calendar with Lightning.
LookOut – Parses some emails from Outlook users
Tag Toolbar – Tagging emails is way better than sorting into folders.

Thunderbird and TNEF

January 7, 2009

I received an email in Thunderbird which had an attachment named winmail.dat, which was not the expected attachment.  Turns out that Outlook uses a proprietary mail format known as TNEF.  In order to see the attached file I added the Lookout extension (I think the name is clever). And there’s the file.

Thunderbird default email sorting

January 5, 2009

One thing that has been annoying me for a while was not finding a way to sort emails by default with the most recent at the top.  I use a lot of folders on my imap account so its annoying that each time a new folder is added or imported the sort order is backwards. I did some searching and found others with the issue and the solution.

Here’s a step-by-step solution.

1. Select Tools->Options…

2. Select Advanced and the General tab.

3. Press the Config Editor button.

4. In the about:config window, put ‘sort’ in the filter

5. Change the value for mailnews.default_sort_order to 2.

6. Ensure that the value for mailnews.default_sort_type is 18 for date sorting.