Using VIX and vmrun with VMPlayer 5.0.0 on linux

I’ve been having problems with VMWare on a Linux host. I have a guest OS of Windows 7 Pro 64 bit. After running for a day or so it will usually get into a state where something is going crazy with the video driver and Linux appears to be unresponsive.  I can remotely log into the linux box and see that VMWare is using a lot of resources, but there should be plenty of memory still. Hopefully I can figure out why this is happening, but until then, I’d like to be able to shut down the VMWare guest gracefully without having to kill the app.

I am using the free VMPlayer 5.0.0 which does not come with any command line tools for control of guest VMs. However, VIX tools are available as a separate download. (You will need a My VMware account to download the package.)

Once I downloaded and installed the package I tried using the vmrun tool, but was running into some issues.

$ vmrun -T player list
Unable to connect to host.
Error: The specified version was not found

This page pointed my in the right direction. For VMPlayer 5.0.0 I had to add this line to the file /usr/lib/vmware-vix/viwrapper-config.txt

player   14  vmdb  5.0.0 Workstation-8.0.0-and-vSphere-5.0.0

Add that line below the last player line.

Now I was able to see my running guest VM and shut it down gracefully.

$ vmrun -T player list
Total running VMs: 1
$ vmrun -T player stop /VM/Windows7x64/Windows7x64.vmx soft

Documentation on VIX tools can be found here.
Also useful was this link.


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2 Responses to “Using VIX and vmrun with VMPlayer 5.0.0 on linux”

  1. Tony Says:

    Awesome, thanks so much! I did have to add these lines to mine as VMPlayer continued to upgrade:

    player 14 vmdb 5.0.1 Workstation-8.0.0-and-vSphere-5.0.0
    player 14 vmdb 5.0.2 Workstation-8.0.0-and-vSphere-5.0.0

  2. Vicent Vega Says:

    Great post! Thank you!

    There are a lot of useful vmrun parameters:

    You can also start processes inside the VM.

    For example, starting a cmd.exe:

    vmrun -T ws -gu XXXX -gp YYYY runProgramInGuest “F:\VMWare\VMW-Work\VM3 – (VCenter)\S1.vmx” -activeWindow cmd.exe

    Extracted from:

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