Synergy on OpenSuse 11.0

I am a fan of Ubuntu linux.  Unfortunately at work my new computer has OpenSuse 11.0.  Apparently Ubuntu wouldn’t install properly.  Well Suse is a close second to Ubuntu.  The only frustration is there are much less packages available through Yast than through Apt.

Synergy is a great application for accessing multiple computers from just one Keyboard/mouse.  It’s pretty much essential when using more than one box constantly.  Much quicker than a KVM switch, you can have both screens up at the same time, and you can copy text across computers via the clipboard.

On Ubuntu I would just apt-get install synergy; it was a little more complicated to install on OpenSuse.  Here’s the process I went through:

  1. I first tried the RPM binary release, but install failed with unmet dependencies, so rather than sifting through dependency issues I decided to compile the source.
  2. To get ./configure to run properly I had to make sure I had the xorg-x11-devel and gcc-g++ packages installed.
  3. Compiling failed at first and after some googling found I needed to apply this patch to allow compiling with gcc-4.3
  4. Compile and Install success!

Now I am happily running 3 computers (WinXP, OpenSuse, Kubuntu) from 1 set of keyboard/mouse.


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